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What We Do

Our business model is based around the individual and not the data. We look to match people who answer our surveys with interested medical studies, while giving the individual their share of the profit.


Professional Service

Working for the Patient

Oreka is dedicated to providing high quality services to any and all patients interested in profiting off of themselves. No one is limited, and your information remains private and protected. Most importantly, selling your information does not give ownership to someone else, regardless of the number of sales, your information is still owned by you!

Survey Matchmaking

Patient should have the ability and power to make money off of information that is theirs, with Oreka, now they can

Take a moment to answer some of our surveys to start profiting off of your own protected data.

Data Cloud

Data Consumption

From social media, to smart phone technology, to search engines and in between, we create data every single day. This data is stored and sold to numerous companies and interested parties, yet the person whose information is being sold is not ever paid for their data, until now.


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